Saturday, November 14, 2009


So last night was the first night home. And yes, I, Katie, am up at 6:30 in the morning being productive. But it's only because I haven't gone to bed yet....
I feel like last night was my personal initiation into parenthood. Anybody can go through labor, but I was up all night trying to feed, clothe, and change baby Austin. And then the cycle would restart just about the time I was laying him down in his bassinet and heading to the bathroom.
I had the hour of attempting to breastfeed and finally turning to a bottle.
I had the diaper change that turned into, how many times can I make mommy rewipe my butt and then let her figure out after the 4th poop in the same diaper that I just peed all over myself and the changing pad (and the blanket covering me because I had gotten poop on my clothes too) - btw, I did have his diddly-doo covered with a wipe when he went everywhere. And then he pooped again.
I just quit putting clothes on him and he's content (and warm enough) in a swaddled receiving blanket.
I haven't had more than an a couple hours sleep at a time since I gave birth to him on Wednesday.

And he's still the best thing that ever happened to me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Austin's First Day

It's been a busy, busy day here in Belleville. Austin has had visits from both Grandmas, and Aunt Jennie. He'll get to meet his cousin Becca after he goes home (most likely tomorrow).

Aunt Jennie with Austin

Grandma McCarthy with Katie

Katie and Austin

Grandma DeWolf and Austin

We believe he'll have more visitors by the end of the day...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome, Baby Austin

Austin William
9 lbs, 14 oz
21 inches
9:43 pm

He's here!

Austin William DeWolf 9# 14oz, 21 inches, 9:43pm, 11-11-o9!!

Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing well.

Thanks to the best nurse and OB DR in southern IL!!

More news!

So she pushed for about 25 minutes, but Austin is being stubborn (hmmm, where'd he get that from?), so Dr. told her to take a little break until about 10 til 9, then he wants her to start pushing again.

More updates to come once she's pushing again.

And the show begins

Dr T is on his way back to the hospital (he had to leave and head to St E's for an emergency).

RN just kicked out everyone except Zach, mom and Jennie.

The rest of us are either in the waiting room or downstairs getting food.

Hopefully we'll have a baby within an hour or so!

Calm before the storm

Katie's trying to nap now before it's time for her to push. Not much longer now, just waiting and hoping that the doc makes it back from the other hospital soon.