Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More news!

So she pushed for about 25 minutes, but Austin is being stubborn (hmmm, where'd he get that from?), so Dr. told her to take a little break until about 10 til 9, then he wants her to start pushing again.

More updates to come once she's pushing again.


  1. doesn't really surprise me, have you seen both zach and katie's shoulders?

  2. Hi Jennie,
    This is Aunt Joan. Karen went to bed a couple of hours ago, but I have been following the action since then. Please tell Katie that we are cheeering her on all the way from Moosup!
    What a long day for everyone. How is the dad to be holding up? I'm really glad that you can support your sister through her labor, especially since you just had Becca not that long ago. We wish you all weren't so far away. The three little ones could have play dates by summer, if only we lived in the same state.
    I 'm going to say good night at this point. It's another day with my 19 first graders:)
    With lots of love to all,